When we first stumbled upon Kyanite, we were in awe of its extraordinary blue colour, which made it very similar to Blue Sapphire.

Until the discovery of Kyanite in Nepal over 20 years ago, Kyanite had traditionally been mined in countries such as Brazil, Cambodia, Myanmar, Switzerland, Russia, Kenya, and certain parts of the United States. However, Kyanite from these sources tend to have grayish tones and little transparency.

Kyanite recently mined from Nepal have however, been of high quality and have produced exceptional blue colour and transparency.

Each Nepalese Kyanite that we have has been specially selected, ensuring we bring to you the same exceptional blue colours that Nepalese Kyanite has become known for.


Product Details

  • Nepalese Kyanite
  • Crafted in 925 Silver, or with 18K Gold Plating of Choice, or in 18K Gold

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